Tobias Bleckert

Freelancing front-end developer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Glauser Creative
Go Create
Lotus Travel Group

Having worked with Tobias for several years I can tell you for a fact that he is an asset to any web development team he joins. The quality of his work, on time and within even the tightest budget constraints, is only exceeded by his ambition. Keeping his fingers on the pulse of what's going on in the web development world, I'm sure Tobias will continue to excel in his field.

-Johnny Mellgren, Entrepreneur

I'm flexible when it comes to programming languages and libraries, I use what is best suited for the job. I love to learn new languages and explore new libraries. Currently, on the server side, I'm mostly working with languages like: Node.js, PHP, Python and Go. When it comes to client side programming I prefer working with: React, SASS, Webpack, ES6 and ES7.

I'm currently on a mission to improve the reading abilities of kids around the world by developing an app called Kidsread. The app is still in early stages but we are moving forward, I'm sure you'll love it! Give it a try!

My focus is not only on kids though, I'm also helping small companies with their internet marketing by building elegant user interfaces for Minutemailer.

Apart from my CTO and partner roles at these two companies I do a lot of client work. The work I do varies from client to client. It can be everything from small wordpress sites to building user interfaces with React. It can also be code reviewing and assistance/tutoring.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you find me a valuable asset to your company or project. Just want to chat over a coffee? Questions regarding my previous work or skillset? Whatever the reason, please contact me. Details below.

Tobias is a very passionate and skilled front-end developer and I admire his skills, both from a business perspective and of course a code perspective. He also has a very good sense for design and has been a great asset and help for various web designers in many projects we have done together. Hopefully we can work together again!